In the series of Jordan's early works, Jordan 5 is considered to be the most beautiful appearance of a shoe, smooth, high and extends from the sole radioactive arc plus help after No. 23 on Jordan has created 5 unusual appearance.

Corresponding to the shape, the inherent scientific and technological content of this shoe has also been greatly improved. In order to promote the NIKE lightweight sports shoes, shoes on the side of the mesh cloth instead of leather. In addition, the air cushion is added to the front foot bend groove for the first time to increase the bending property. In addition, the NIKE increases the midsole thickness, and the outsole uses a semi retarding rubber to increase the grip effect. The vamp still uses a part of the net face design, the position is closer to the sole than the cheap Jordans sale, the material is also more solid, reduces the influence to the side support. This pair of eye-catching high-tech sports shoes, has become the four consecutive year scoring champion Jordan's strong pillars.

Jordan 5 generation once again raised the cheap Jordan shoes sale purchase climax, most of the region's fans in the sale of the day before the first day of the queue. Jordan 5, not only in the United States and Canada and other North American region caused a strong response, in Asia, Japan, Korea and Philippines and other places also produced a sensation, became a collection of Jordan fans boutique.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 sale uses the transparent rubber material in the sole, also is in the movie "returns to the future 2" in the future shoes uses the material, he can exert the high degree of grip.

Jordan 6, released in 1990, is unusual because the Chicago bulls won their first title in the 90 - 91 season.

Cheap Jordan for sale for the first time in the design of the rubber shoelace loose tight concept, it can easily tie shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative role.

The soles of the soles are also made of advanced semi transparent rubber outsole, which increases the grip ability of the sole. The trapeze signs in the 6 appeared on the 3, respectively in the soles and heels of tongue. The appearance, pay more attention to sports shoes such as barefoot like comfort, the design style of the shoe body shell, wrapped around the entire foot, which showed excellent fit. Also, removing the excess part of the toes is exactly what new retro Jordans wants.

If you carefully observe the shape of these shoes, you will find hidden in the shoes of the 23 words, 2 is the vamp side support bar composed of large patterns, and 3 is the sole of the bottom of the bottom of the design. In 2000, Nike introduced the Olympic version of Jordan 6, the color of the shoe for the first time in blue based, flying logo became red. Because it is the special edition of the Olympic Games, the price of this shoes is as high as 399 dollars, and now it has become the best collection of fans.

In this year, Jordan not only helped the bulls to win the NBA championship, but also won the MVP in the regular season and the finals, and the scoring title was also five years old. It was really strong enough.

In the 1990-1991 season, Jordan averaged 31.5 points per game for the regular season MVP. Under the leadership of Jordan, the Bulls reached the NBA finals in one year, and the Lakers led by Johnson, the 4-1 magician, beat, and Jordan was named MVP in the finals. It was Jordan's first championship, and the bull Dynasty began.