"I 'm Back", after 17 months, Jordan returned to the game, this makes the world's Jordan fans seem to see the hope of life. In 1995, shortly after Nike introduced the latest Jordan 10, the great Michael Jordan returned to the NBA and continued his magical experiences. Before Jordan's comeback, Nike's Jordan 10 for sale, which was put on the market in advance, had only 3 colors, white / gray, black and white / blue sky. After Jordan's comeback, Nike immediately launched 5 urban limits. Including New York, Chicago, West Asia and other famous cities theme color, each shoe only limited release thousands of pairs. As you can imagine, these cheap Jordan shoes were sold out as soon as they appeared on the market. Especially after the first Jordan comeback game wearing white / Bordeaux especially popular.

The introduction of cheap Air Jordan 10 also falls on the commemoration of Jordan series 10th anniversary, and also marks the birth of a sports brand myth. No player in the history of the series has lasted so long. Jordan's 10 most unusual place is on its sole, which records the honor and special experience of Jordan between 85 and 94 for 10 years. Let the people once again flying in awe.

From the Jordan 10, we can now some shadow shoes, 1995 is a new peak sports shoe design ideas, Jordan 10 looks more concise, the vamp can't even find any sign of Jordan and Nike, flying logo appears only in the sole and heel, and are reduced, which is reflected the designer's unique elegant style, also represents Jordan out of the ordinary temperament, still built using air cushion technology, shoe buckle with elastic design, lace is still round, followed by the increase of the rings used in shoes, small links have been able to see the designers really show ingenuity. Many stars, including Jordan and Pippin, wore the shoes.

With memorable 10 Jordan debut, Jordan returned to NBA. Jordan 10 in the bottom of the use of ultra lightweight Phylon material, so that Jordan's physical strength to play to the limit. On the outside of the sole, Jordan's record of 10 years on the NBA has been recorded. In the United States, cheap Jordan sale is listed in the city's limited colors, a total of 5 colors listed, in which the whole black with red and white style of the most popular.

In March 19, 1995, Jordan returned to the NBA, wearing the Bulls team again. This time, Jordan put on the number 45 shirt, which he used in high school. Jordan scored 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists in the 28 place, with the Bulls losing 96-103 to the Pacers in overtime 7.