Cheap Air Jordans has become a trend now, and many people are interested in cheap Air Jordan shoes, but they don't necessarily know it.

In 1985, Michael Jordan was paid to contract or a small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers to NIKE's contract, and then NIKE Jordan introduced the first named after Jordan shoes, AIR the first JORDAN AIR JORDAN I: NIKE - although the shoes have strange color and novelty science and technology at the time, but not everyone thought that this could be the beginning of a myth.

The classic match of the dual color cheap AIR JORDAN XII, another classic of the Jordan series, was released in November 1996.

Jordan's biggest feature is to adopt a distinctive DURA-BACK material, with natural leather uppers, the whole pair of shoes to maximize stability.

DURA-BACK can prevent ankle sprain when landing, foot weight is lighter, it is said that Jordan's shoes for these shoes is required to wear barefoot feeling, this is also the first pair of shoes with full palm ZOOM-AIR Jordan shoes. After a few generations were switched to ZOOM-AIR, the air cushion is an ancient chess game and tough, and very much paste, the absorption of the rapid reaction force for the player to run fast and continuous jumping to provide continuous power. It also uses a full carbon fiber support plate, which reduces the burden on the knee.

The design style of whole Cheap Retro Jordans shoe uppers are simple and smooth, radial sewing, hard rubber outsole provides excellent grip performance, provides a somewhat aristocratic atmosphere with different metal materials for shoe buckle shoes. A noteworthy phenomenon is that since 96 years later, Jordan and the Bulls gradually formed in the regular season wear white shoes, in the playoffs wore black shoes may be to enhance learning, team cohesion and morale.

Cheap Jordan 12 should also be a good gym shoes, at least it looks full of eye-catching. Sports shoes look very rough, and the soles are exaggerated. Taylor, the Rockets, always wears this kind of shoes. It is also Chinese, listed on the first Jordan shoes, but still engraved version of the wholesale Air Jordan 12.

For the 96 - 97 season, Jordan won the scoring title for second consecutive years, the ninth scoring in his career. The Bulls reached the Finals again under Jordan and played against the jazz. In June 12, 1997 the two sides of the fifth game, Jordan persist in appearance, one person scored 38 points to lead the bulls in the away team to win 90-88, the total score 3-2. After the game, Jordan almost collapsed down in the bosom of the touching moment teammates Scottie Pippen has.