As a love of shoes Sneakerhead, cheap Air Jordans will never escape the series, presumably every day with you I can. And regardless of the originality of the appearance of performance, or walk in the forefront of the hardware configuration, there will always be a moment, let us echocardiography.

As a legend for the mountains, Air Jordan was born in 1982 1 in the first basketball shoes AF1 as inspiration in Jordan's urging, designer Peter Moore will Nike Air Sole the core technology, with more in the end as frivolous, and strive to perfect balance and ground shock the.

The wings surrounded by basketball wing Logo, also by the "Bred" forbidden to wear the household, to open the prelude of flying legend.

Jordan's rookie season due to injury, Air Jordan 2 only by increasing the thickness of the bottom and the continuation of Air in Sole as a way to protect your feet. At the same time, using heel injection technology to improve the overall rigidity of the shoes, but this measure led to increased manufacturing difficulties, and had to move the shoes from the United States moved to the most developed handicraft industry in Italy.

The peninsula excellent leather manufacturing industry is the cheap Jordan shoes into the touch of exotic, the lizard like leather material placed on both sides of the shoe body, like a pair of wings, with the tongue to the central wing Logo Vicenza, so the appearance of simple design slightly more hierarchical. At the same time, Air Jordan 2 remove Nike iconic Swoosh on both sides, and strive to dilute the brand color, highlighting Jordan's own value.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Nike recently engraved cheap Air Jordan 2 OG version of the palm cushion replacement for 3/4 palm Air Sole, although the feeling not too much, but also is the conscience of the industry.

The time came in 1988, quite a close relationship with the MJ of the former vice president of the two generation of Peter Moore and then Nike shoe designer Rob Strasser, ready to contract is about to expire MJ away from Nike stove. Air Max 1 Tinker Hatfield the father of fire rescue, Jumpman Logo, Air Sole burst crack and visualization of these three great and classical elements into the Air Jordan 3 of this pair of shoes, successfully resolve this serious crisis may change the shoes of history, but also established the wholesale Air Jordans series Exclusive Designer position.

Following the previous "Ture Blue" in the first year after the return of dress, known as the black cement new retro Jordans 3 "Black Cement" rumors will debut at the end of this year, if you can come true, this year will undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shoes.