Sneaker Con, the largest shoe fair in the United States, entered Asia for the first time and was held at Asia World-Expo near Hong Kong Airport. According to the rough statistics of the organizers, there are about 6,500 people in the audience. Among them, 40% are from Hong Kong, 30% are from mainland China, and the rest are from other parts of Asia.


As long as you pay 233 HKD tickets, you can see the rarest Jordan shoes sale in the shoe ring in the 7 hours of the show. Any one of them will be immediately robbed if you re-sell it; even if you have not applied At the official booth of 1,500 Hong Kong dollars at a table, you can also bring your own collection, like David, sitting in the Trading Pit area for free, and sharing.


Cheap Jordan Shoes fans, or SneakerHeads, have their own communication passwords, skillfully recognizing a pair of cheap Jordans sale and understanding the story behind them is basic homework. On behalf of Beijing's sneaker media Ulsum, Xiao Yunfu came to report on the event. He told Curious Daily: "The Ray Allen player version there is very powerful, and Paul, and the deep blue Nike Zoom Kobe V ' Laker Scoring Title' are all One of One shoes."

“This event is very exciting, the Paris Fashion Week in the industry.” 21-year-old SneakerHead Su Xinyu joined a Taobao store Delong Sports, and he runs a shoe called Beijing-Sneakerhead from the media. "Today, I sold a pair of comets, about 13,000 yuan. An Indonesian, when I was in the morning, I didn't know how to come in. I had a morning with me."

“Iridium Man” refers to Nike's limited-edition NBA player Nate Robinson's custom-made models in 2009. At that time, the retail price was 1,750 yuan, only 80 pairs nationwide, and the resale price has now doubled. Delong Sports' booth has a total of 5 pairs of fluorescent green "Stars", including a pair of Nate Robinson signature versions for display only, "all the bosses received a little bit," Su Xinyu said.

Most Sneakerheads have a story similar to Su Xinyu's entry into the pit – “It turned out to be a Sneakerhead because I started playing basketball when I was at school, and I was exposed to basketball shoes.” Zhang Long, editor of the sneaker media Long7, had this to Curiosity Daily. Describe the relationship between Sneakers: "I think it's a way, like that class, let the housewife get a cake. What does it really teach you to make a cake? Actually it is not, let you know some people."


A small number of them will change from fans and cheap Air Jordans collectors to shoe sellers and shoe media, and often think they are involved in shaping culture.