As a product with excellent performance and comfort, Jordan basketball shoes are widely welcomed by the basketball community. From the 6th generation, Jordan basketball shoes began to pursue the comfort of the feet. Cheap Jordans for sale from China online.

Jordan 6:officially launched in 1990, as Jordan’s first pair of NBA championship shoes, the laces are designed with rubber lace elastic for the first time, the midsole still uses visible airsole cushions, and the outsole is still The semi-transparent rubber sole enhances the grip on the ground and protects the ankle. In addition, the shoe body also hides the word "23", 2 is a large pattern composed of support bars on the side of the upper, and 3 is the bottom pattern on the outside of the sole. The original Jordan 6th generation was only reissued in August 2000. Jordan 6 Retro and Air Jordan 6Retro+ were launched respectively. On March 20, 2010, Jordan brand solemnly released their third new Air Jordan 6 product this year— -"Oreo" (Oreo) Air Jordan 6 Retro reissue.

Jordan 7: Introduced in 1991, it was Jordan's 91-92 season boot and won the championship in the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.As an improved version of Joe 6, Joe 7 is similar in design. The sole is composed of a variety of patterns, and the upper adopts a variety of colors. It has a built-in air cushion on the heel and the word 23 on the heel. The upper fits the instep more The foot feels more comfortable.

Jordan 8: released in 1993. A combination of smooth full-grain leather and nubuck leather is used on the upper, as well as a breathable mesh design and an upper cross buckle design to improve comfort, abrasion resistance and air circulation, while enhancing the stability of the upper; The strap adopts cross-fastening straps to improve the fit and support when wearing; the outsole is designed with a hole-digging design and curved grooves in the middle, and a round grip pattern hard plastic rubber outsole is used to reduce the weight of the shoe body. Improve abrasion resistance and grip. Built-in TPU in forefoot, The tongue is made of towel material and the trapeze logo, and the abstract painting patterns added on the side of the heel and the middle of the sole are more artistic. The 8th generation was launched before Jordan's first retirement, and has special significance in the Jordan series.

In short, Jordan's 6th to 8th generations have not forgotten to improve technology while pursuing aesthetic appearance, improving comfort and grip.