Cheap Jordans VI "White / Maroon"

Posted: 1991

This shoe is rare Air Jordan since the first year has never been engraved shoes. The relatively low-key color of this shoe, not too bright in the outdoors, the street is even more personality, so cheap Jordan shoes is up in the arena - and their ultimate attribution.

Air Jordan Retro IV "Rare Air"

Posted: 2006

Air Jordan XX combine laser technology and classic cheap Jordans for sale? Air Jordan 4 "Rare Air" gives the best answer. Introduced in 2006, this shoe features red laces and 3M reflective material

Air Jordan VII "Black / True Red"

Posted: 1992

This Air Jordan 7 because there are two colors black and red and purple, so called Raptor color. But that time the Raptors have not yet appeared until the end of the year to join the NBA.

Air Jordan Retro V "Army Olive"

Posted: 2006

If you do not get the UNDFTD Air Jordan 4, then this Air Jordan 5 "Army Olive" Retro V is your best bet. To the army's camouflage green-based colors, supplemented by orange, reflective tongue makes it more popular.

Air Jordan 2012 "Wolf Gray / Volt"

Posted: 2012

Following Air Jordan 2011 to bring the concept of midsole exchange, Air Jordan 2012 launched in February 2012 will maximize the concept of "swap", bringing a new Flight System system, Flight System system will bring Three interchangeable midsole, including the Quick series (before and after the separation of Zoom Air cushioning), Explosive series (full palm Air Sole cushioning) and forefoot Zoom Air and the rear palm Air Sole with,

Air Jordan X "Sacramento"

Posted: 1995

Have you ever thought of King Mickey's team will be the first black foot on the Air Jordan 10 version. The Sacramento Kings shoes in the 95 season to wear these shoes battle field, a very classic and rare version, it is difficult to find at the retailer.

Cheap Retro Jordans III "Doernbecher"


The Doernbecher Freestyle Air Jordan Retro III, designed by patient Cole, combines sneakers with Cole's bed in a singular style using a black-red shoe body and a transparent outsole.

Air Jordan IX "Black / Charcoal"

Posted: 1994

If Jordan does not retire from baseball, he'll be wearing this pair of Air Jordan 9s in the NBA Finals and he will face a coveted protagonist Hakeem Olajuwon, which will be a classic 84 Students duel.

Cheap Air Jordans II Low "White / Black / Red"

Posted: 1987

Micheal Jordan may have been the last of the 2-generation lowers to go through Jordan for most of his missed season missed by Jordan. He wore this shoe at the end of the 86-87 season for a few races.

"Light Ginger" is a very rare version of life, and appeared in the game too, it is not the most popular 16, but very rare.

Cheap Jordans XV "Black / Red"

Posted: 2000

In 2000, cheap Jordans sale released a pair of Jordan shoes that Keebler Elves crossed. The shoes are inspired by Prada sneakers, XV aircraft and MJ's tongue-in-tongue habit, which Reagles Miller crosses through the pitch.

Cheap Air Jordans Retro III "Mocha"

Posted: 1999

This pair of Air Jordan 3 shoes fans in terms of a surprise, the body with white and added elephant brown. Like 16 ginger, the twin mocha Air Jordan 3 is made of rare material, and the designer decided to use the material after repeated evaluations. Soles with brown hues, this shoe is now very scarce.

Air Jordan XXI "Red Suede"

Posted: 2006

Barking Air Jordan XXI is a red suede shoe designed by Dwayne, Edward. The shoes are inspired by the Bentley Continental GT car, worth $ 180 worth Jordan fans to buy.

Air Jordan 2011 "Black / Neo Lime"

Posted: 2011

Air Jordan 2011 is made of patina leather shoe body, this shoe material makes the shoes look more shiny after the foot. This classic color with a pair of shoes fabric, supplemented by a futuristic green, gives a very stylish catch-up, bringing a new wave of shoes.

Air Jordan Retro VI "Doernbecher"

Released: 2009

Each year the cheap Jordans for sale will launch DB version of the shoes, made a special trip for the sick children. Blue suede shoe body and a very bright outsole so that the DB Air Jordan VI Star shoes in 2009.

Air Jordan XX2 "Black / Red"

Released: 2007

Inspired by the F-22 fighter, the Air Jordan XXII leverages the bionic camouflage color and advanced materials like titanium. MJ also loved the invisible concept of these shoes. This black-red version is the best of all the colors.

Air Jordan XVII +

Posted: 2002

This fancier version of the Air Jordan XVII and the regular version of the Air Jordan VII come in the same configuration with an alligator and heel and brass lace laces added for $ 200.

Air Jordan 2011 "Black / Stealth"

Posted: 2011

Air Jordan 2011 Black Invisible This sudden-out version of the patina leather has been replaced with a textured exclusive material, making this all-black look even more dazzling. Full transparent outsole and white mesh body, and other versions of the same midsole technology.

Air Jordan Retro 1 Patent "Black / Gold"

Posted: 2003

2003 released a lot of cheap Jordan shoes, but this pair of Air Jordan I black gold is your must. The ball-and-wings logo made by the gem is a mistake, but does not prevent the entire pair of shoes from looking very cool.

Cheap Retro Jordans XII "Rising Sun"

Posted: 2003

This Air Jordan 12 inspired by the Japanese flag, full white shoes full of small holes make people think more of the Japanese flag. In contrast with the early days, the heel of shoes was black and red wrapped. Even if the details of the shoe body does not make people think of sunrise, insoles patterns will also be vividly demonstrated this idea came out.

There is a word in English "Sneaker", the original meaning is "rubber soles shoes", broad sense is "sports shoes." Today, a unique culture of shoes created a group of people who love and collect cheap Jordans shoes, these people are also known as "Sneaker." In Qingdao, there is a post-85 guy is a fanatical "Sneaker", he spent 10 years, collecting more than 100 pairs of Jordan shoes, many of them rare limited edition shoes and Jordan's signature shoes. Recently, he will carry collections in their own car line to do a shoe exhibition.

On the morning of April 14, the reporter arrived at a modified car dealership located in Yinchuan West Road and took to the second floor. At a glance, he was attracted to nearly a hundred pairs of basketball shoes placed on the table and in the display case. Reporter observed that most of these shoes are "Jordan" brand, from "Jordan 1" to "Jordan 20" everything. And the owner of these shoes Xin Yue handsome is busy cloth.

Xin Yue, 28 years old this year, Qingdao is a modified car dealer, but also a fanatical "Sneaker." He started collecting Jordan basketball shoes in 2004 and has collected more than 100 pairs in 10 years. "I was still in junior high school in 2002, because I like Jordan, I really want to buy a pair of very fire when the 'Jordan 12', then do not make money, I was ready to save money to buy. Has been saving for two years, in 2004 I Spent 1300 dollars to buy my first pair of Jordan shoes, "he told reporters," very cherish the shoes, put on after all stretched his legs, for fear of trampling. " After that, he began his own "Sneaker" road, every year will save money to buy several pairs of Jordan shoes, not to wear, only as a collection. "Jordan shoes a total of 23 pairs of Air Jordan, I only collect the first 20 generations, because Jordan had worn the first 20 generations of shoes," he said.

After graduating from college, Xin Yue handsome back to Qingdao venture, during which he used his own money to start a large collection of cheap Jordan shoes. "This is the world's limited edition of pure white 'Jordan 15' shoes, is a friend brought back from the United States, and now to 100,000 yuan I do not sell; This is the three pairs of limited edition signature shoes, is Michael Jordan autographed , Very collection sense ... ... "In the car dealers, Xin Yue handsome introduced to reporters one by one the value of these shoes. It is understood that genuine pure white 'Jordan 15' as a display shoes, the world's limited edition made a pair; and Jordan silver signature pen autographed "Jordan 6" shoes is even more valuable.

Appears in Wyatt handsome, the collection of cheap Air Jordans is actually a collection of feelings, collection of positive energy Jordan never give up. The purpose of his shoe exhibition is also to convey this feeling, while allowing more people to understand the "Sneaker" culture.

Xin Yue reporters the world's limited edition of 1331 pairs of Air Jordans, tongue can be seen from the sign "0315/1331" message.

In order to keep the best shoes, he often care for the shoes.

Cheap Jordans 16, the biggest feature of the shoe can be extracted, but the shape is not as good as Air Jordan 15. There are two and 11 is very similar to the Jordan shoes: Air Jordan 16 is designed by soft plastic and Air Jordan 11 the same transparent bottom and paint, but unlike the Air Jordan 11 makes this design only in the shoes of the head; and the Air Jordan 16 also added a shoe cover, shoe cover is like a wings, represents JUMPMAN. Jordans sale also uses ZOOM AIR cushion, followed by external air, make the shoes comfortable at the same time has the best stability, but the only drawback is the poor quality, easy to produce and paint off the end of violent phenomenon.

Cheap Air Jordans 17, a very distinctive pair of shoes, is designed to be inspired by jazz. In the shoe cover can be seen to represent a symbol of jazz. The shoe also uses the forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion, through the back of blue transparent plastic block, see AIR-SOLE mattress. At the same time, Air Jordan17 also uses a concept Air Jordan 5, which is a transparent plastic buckle a zoom for shoelaces on the tongue. In addition, Air Jordan 17 has a metal box, which is the first time in the history of sports shoes to replace the shoe box with a metal box. There is a computer CD-ROM for each pair of shoes, although the design is conceived, but it is still so many consumers are surprised, February 9, 2002 has just launched the latest Jordan shoes light advertising is the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, of course it is ridiculously expensive, so many people at $210. NIKE is the highest retail price of a pair of JORDAN shoes. But this shoe is a new shoe that JORDAN returns again. Although the price is a little high, it is still liked by FANS.

Air Jordan 18 is designed by TATE KUERBIS, and the design is inspired by a sports car. In order to design a pair of the most perfect JORDAN shoes, it is also the last pair of cheap Jordan shoes on the field of MICHAEL, which uses a double ZOOM AIR cushion.  The appearance of this shoe is conceived according to a racing car, and this Air Jordan18 also has the difference in the sole: that is the sole pattern is the wave type, brings the great benefit to the player when dribbling suddenly suddenly stops, can reduce the slow motion force. Combined with double ZOOM AIR, it reduces the pressure on the feet when it jumps to the ground and has a better grasp of the ground. The appearance of Air Jordan 18 is very controversial. Some people say that shoes design is very bad. It's hard to see. Some people say that shoes design is advanced, which can embody the design concept of Jordan eighteen -- brevity.

Air Jordan 19 is the most poisonous snake from an African draw on the design concept - this is the Black Mamba, it is the world's fastest and most toxic snake. Cheap Jordans for sale is composed of synthetic leather and special synthetic material uppers, made of special materials with human kinematics full adjustable heel vamp, magnetic buckle, fixing feet better. Wholesale Jordans sale, lightweight PHYLON midsole, full palm built-in ZOOM AIR air cushion, in the palm TPU bearing tray, hard rubber outsole, special pattern.