The sudden emergence of cheap Jordans is not a global phenomenon. This kind of change is the fastest and most obvious in the Chinese market. In the past two years, it has suddenly appeared as a "new player", but in the United States, the culture behind the cheap Jordans shoes, it was born and gradually infiltrated in the 1900s and is already rooted in the American native culture.

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In 1917, the rubber canvas shoes brand Converse ignited the sneaker culture. After several developments, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star series became the starting point for the sneaker culture. This is why today's simple and seemingly ordinary rubber sneakers are still in this era. One of the most popular shoes.

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In the future development, it must be said that the popularity of the cheap Jordans sale culture is largely influenced by the light of the basketball itself. Numerous great basketball players have used their own legendary stories to coat the sneakers that accompany them. gold. Among them, the most influential non-Michael Jordan is none other. His endorsement of cheap Air Jordans is a classic brand in basketball shoes. When a large number of fans imitate Michael Jordan's style and technology, the dress has become the object of imitation. Even the bald head that he was the first to leave in the league was later imitated by a group of people in the NBA.

When the Air Jordan series played in Jordan, almost every pair of shoes had its own special story. Ben Osborne, editor-in-chief of the American basketball magazine SLAM Dunk, commented on Air Jordan1: "Unless you have really experienced that era, it is difficult to explain to you the enthusiasm caused by Air Jordan 1. This experience can't just be Oral, but you want to not only really love a sport, but also really fall in love with the person who is engaged in sports, and the sport and the fashion trend that that person leads."

Air Jordan 11 and the legendary 72 wins and 10 losses, Air Jordan 12 and the flu battle, Air Jordan 13/14 and Jordan's last season and last shot, these classic scenes on the court are part of the goal shoe culture, consumers bought A pair of shoes, also bought behind the story, is a collection of classic history.

American street culture is derived from several sports, such as skateboarding, street basketball and street dance. During the period from 1998 to 1999, the whole environment of street culture has taken shape. Sneakerhead, the shoe sales platform Steven Cui said in an interview with the interface news.

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So from this level, the cheap Retro Jordans culture is one of the typical and one of the earliest cross-border cultures. The traditional definition of a pair of basketball Jordans shoes sale is a sneaker that can only appear on the basketball court. It is protective and has a solid image. And a pair of shoes that can form their own sneaker culture must not only be limited to the basketball game. He can meet the hard requirements of basketball without losing the trend and design sense through his own design.

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The design of the cheap Authentic Jordans is intertwined with the popular cultures such as street and hip-hop. For example, the classic Air Force 1, as the first pair of basketball shoes with air cushion cushioning, is still the iconic wholesale Jordans sale in the street. The presence, or high or low gang, or strap design, or Fuse upper, or suede upper, allows the classic sneaker culture to penetrate into the lives of ordinary people in a variety of forms.

But such a culture has only just begun in China. Steven said that with the iteration of the Chinese entertainment industry, variety shows such as Hipple in China began to appear, bringing a wave of trendy brands with strong cultural attributes,  China is now replicating the popular culture of the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s."

However, the Chinese environment of fast food consumption and the United States in the late 1990s are still very different. The particularity of China's fashion industry environment will inevitably bring many problems.