Air Jordan XXX, designed by Hatfield Tinker, is still at the forefront of basketball technology, and has the most sophisticated design of cutting-edge basketball shoes. With Michael Jordan 1988 in the interpretation of the classic dunk action is a source of inspiration to stimulate the Tinker Hatfield design Air original idea Jordan XXX with asymmetric welt comfort and stable wearing feeling, cheap Jordans sale, vamp uses high performance Nike new material, weaving, knitting and fusion of 3D printing technology, makes further knitting uppers in the continuous upgrading of promotion.

Jordan wearing Air Jordan 7, won the championship in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, so Air Jordan 7 in the entire series has a unique value. Air Jordan 7 can still see the shadow of Air Jordan 6, but the color than the Air Jordan 6 more than the soles by the geometric composition of the shoe side of the trapeze logo for the whole shoe to add a lot of design sense.

Cheap Air Jordan 9 mainly to white shoe-based, with simple black shoelaces, so it is very wild.

Jordan is the most precious of a sports shoes, production in Italy, remove the Nike Logo, shoe body is more concise. This is the first production of high and low to help two styles, this shoe is all the only one in the Jordan series without black color shoes.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 sale is considered a few generations ago Air Jordan in the most beautiful generation of shoes, shoes more fluid. In addition to the appearance of improvement, this shoe's technology content is greatly improved, the soles of the material is the film "back to the future" in the future with the material.

Launched in 1990, Jordan 6, because the Chicago Bulls in the 90 to 91 season for the first time to win and become different. Cheap Retro Jordan for sale in the design for the first time put forward the concept of elastic rubber buckle buckle, it can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect. In the soles are also used at the time of the advanced translucent rubber at the end of the increase in the soles of the grip capacity.

Air Jordan 8 in the shape has made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross of the shoe face design, to strengthen the stability of the upper. In the end of the absorption of running shoes design ideas, a substantial reduction in the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoes, tongue with a towel material plus flying sign. Followed by the side and soles of the middle of the abstract picture for the cheap Jordan 8 added art color.


Cheap Air Jordan 1 High GS brings brand-new female model new color, build the shoe body with black splicing phantom green, the white insole and black outsole's lining further manifests its movement vigor.

Black and white double color cheap Retro Air Jordan shoes, with the first year of the original dress, to bring concise and clear visual perception.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "White/Black" used to create black leather shoe body, Swoosh is presented to integrate the black shoe body, white tongue sole and Nike Air in contrast with prominent embroidery grip vision.

Air Jordan 11 IE to the whole body composed of black shoes with red stitching details, leather and nubuck leather has caused the feelings of calm simplicity as the theme.

The black and white color rendering, in cheap Air Jordans 6 Low shoe type to create a familiar Oreo style collocation, blue crystal outsole, the details are injected red embellishment, low dexterity, plus a simple black and white color show the vitality.

Laney shoes with eye-catching blue yellow collocation, bring full visual impact, from MJ's alma mater, but also to this color into more highlights.

Tribute to MJ's high school alma mater, Laney high school color again, this time landing cheap Air Jordan 14 Low shoe type, will be the classic blue and yellow color dressing reproduction.

Air Jordan 14 Low "Laney" at the same time MJ favorite Ferrari sports car modeling, low shoes to bring more smart visual perception. Blue suede shoes collocation white soles in detail to yellow dotted into highlights.

The White Black Red Bulls color hot debut, the black green color in black leather shoes and rubber outsole collocation support lining, contrast white midsole embellishment is prominent sports activity. Air Jordan 1.5 Hybrid represents the history of Air Jordan 1 upgrade to Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 1 shoes fusion, Air Jordan 2 soles mixed presentation.

Cheap Jordans sale Pinnacle "Vachetta Tan" continuation of the unique texture of this series and luxury experience, overwhelmed by the different leather texture, the details of the bronze show with a different attitude also brings different visual experience.

Jordan Brand will be the four City as the theme, in 2016, brought a Air Jordan 10 "City Pack" city series, including New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Chicago, following the 1995 Chicago, New York, Orlando, Seattle and Sacramento as the theme of the City Pack, once again to the 4 city for inspiration, highlights city style in Air Jordan 100 generation of shoes on.

Charlotte city color Air Jordan 10 "Hornets" in 2014 by the exposure of Jordan himself, with white leather shoes with black, purple and green details.

The black nubuck leather shoes embellished with silver details of the cheap Air Jordan 6 Low "Chrome", first appeared in 2002, in Air Jordan 6 Low low shoe body bring calm and overall texture quite feel, the details of Cr texture rendering silver ornament, then highlight the highlights on a black background. Low shoe type smart presentation, cool and full texture of the overall feeling, to wear a visual sense of balance.

Cheap Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG shoes to bring a simple black and white color, black leather shoes decorated with black details, with a white outsole, the overall feeling of simplicity in the first year of OG details presented.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 Low "Alternate" 90 "will be familiar with the Red Bulls dress up, reflecting the classic tongue collocation 3M. The Alternate series is designed to restore the MJ exclusive PE color, so the Bulls atmosphere is quite obvious.

Will be the classic and rare Jordan cheap, with the full texture of the overall appearance of the body of the anthracite shoes rendering of the Air. The steady and highly textured nubuck leather uppers, black dress collocation, white decorative details to create a rich level of feeling, in the background of steady under no monotonous feeling.

Black and white 6 cheap Retro Jordans GS Oreo Air GS Sport Fuchsia will be dressed up as a reproduction of the classic, female size adds new products. Black and white shoes to show the low side, with a blue crystal bottom, the bottom and heels into the red dress, full of vitality of the movement, coupled with the sweet atmosphere of embellishment, will be able to wear on the foot to create a bright spot.

Jordan Brand is about to bring back more MJ after retiring Air Jordan is the generation of shoes, quite artistic atmosphere Air Jordan is about to return this year. The appearance of the first double color to red through the moment, using high quality leather sheer luxurious texture. The rubber sole support lining, marking the upper Chicago city with a silhouette and the word "CHI".

Cheap Air Jordan Retro High GS female size again brought the new sweet color, with white shoes as background, feminine style used to create a sweet red but not stunning, with black lace and Jumpman Logo makes the overall degree of relaxation.

Cheap Air Jordan 1 High "Feng Shui/Hornets", with white and purple collocation with green details, creating a wasp team color hundred-percent, especially lies in the insole "boshin Yiwei with" Chinese characters, China Fengshui culture as the theme.

Oregon Ducks PE dress cheap Jordan for sale anthracite color reproduction, 9 "Anthracite", the overall effect is the texture of the classic color, Oregon commercial show, and bring the feet boots this experience, Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" into a bright spot.

Air Jordan 11 "72-10" in the classic hot shoes made a new attempt. A change in the past eye-catching sports dress up to the delicate texture of leather texture and details, highlighting the overall trend of fashion. Air Jordan 11 "72-10" selection of black leather shoes and build the litchi tongue, part of the colorful paint gloss bring beautiful decorative effect. White soles of the lining contrast effect, the upper Jumpman Logo also uses a new version of the pressure to replace the original embroidery, more modern feel.

The classic and cheap rare Air Jordan 9 Oregon Ducks, presented in full texture of the anthracite whole shoe body, steady and highly textured nubuck leather uppers, black dress collocation, white decorative details to create a rich level of feeling, in the background of steady under no monotonous feeling.

Cheap Air Jordan shoes sale re-engineering works, selected the Air Jordan 6 shoes of the six generation, is still a continuation of the previous material texture and fine workmanship, the use of light colored high-quality leather reproduction Air Jordan 6 body outline and details. I have a hand sewn, with leather laces to create. Reproduction of the classic shape, while the visual feeling completely refreshed.