Gamma blue color Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue", overall black and blue with embellishment of gold details, Jordan sale shoes box drawer style.

ShoeZeum's rare collection Air Jordan 4 "Eminem", this release is only the global 50 pairs of shoes is Eminem gave his friend's gift. TheCllctiv custom-made players in the Air Jordan 3 based on the creation of a similar Eminem color, let us look at his wonderful masterpiece.

Cheap Jordans 6 "White Infrared", Michael Jordan's first pair of championship boots, these high-end balloon shoes have many fans. This re-engraved version basically recreates the appearance of the old version, the white upper, with a red midsole, but the difference is that this time with a light blue crystal outsole.

Cheap Retro Jordans 1 "YOTS/Year of The Snake" is a contrast between the raspberry red shoe body and the eye-catching yellow-green laces and the midsole, bringing a strong visual enjoyment with a transparent crystal outsole design. There is also a special LOGO on the insole.

Multi-system configurations have been used on Kobe shoes for a long time. In the Zoom Kobe 7 System era, dual systems were a common application.

The same design was introduced into the era of Kobe 8 System to reflect the specific value of this "System". However, in the current commercial version, only the ordinary Lunarlon insole system, there are a variety of customized systems on the player version of the shoe. The following figure shows the three pairs of insoles configured for this PE version of the Kobe 8 System. In addition to the common Lunarlon insole, there is also the Zoom Air version at the back of the hand and the dual Zoom Air version at the front and rear palms. This is the same as the multi-system insole of the Air Jordan 2012. Similar.

The influence of Atlanta’s Wish Store in the industry is beyond doubt. Jordan Brand specially created a unique version of Air Jordan 3 “Doernbecher” Wish to express thanks and respect.

This special edition of the Air Jordan 3 charity shoe adds Wish elements to the original shoe style. On the outside shoe, there is a dark "Wish" lettering. The right shoe also has a “Wish” type shoelace nameplate, and the corresponding left shoe shoelace nameplate is a portrait of Jordan Brand's famous designer Tinker Hatfield.

This special edition of the charity cheap Jordan shoes only made one.

Jason Mayden, a famous Jordan Brand designer and now a senior global design director, wore Air Jordan 1 LOTS during the Wish Atlanta event.

Cheap Air Jordans 1 LOTS, the overall use of black uppers, toe and Swoosh are made of silver reflective metal material, the effect of the upper foot is very eye-catching.

Customized cheap Jordans for sale shoes from doctor_soles. Based on the Air Jordan 3Lab5 shoe type, the all-black body, the flame pattern in the bottom, and the tongue flying trapeze become golden yellow.

Recently, a rare AIR JORDAN 11 "History of Flight" color shoes appear on eBay. This model version of the AIR JORDAN 11 and Columbia color is very similar to the use of a white patent leather, white midsole and white mesh uppers, the difference is that the trapeze embroidery is also white, and outsole and lining are used Red

JORDAN BRAND Son of Mars continues to release the new color SON. This Knicks color cheap Jordans sale with orange and blue.

Cheap Air Jordans 12 with gold lace buckle popular with shoe fans, white and black shoes body design is also particularly compelling.

Recent news and sales information about AIR JORDAN 5 is really overwhelmed. Just came the news to be on sale AIR JORDAN 5 charity shoes is caused by the noise of the shoe industry. This pair of Doernbecher series of shoes, in addition to the design has something special, material also amazing use of luminous materials, day and night, will become the focus of everyone's eyes.

Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan sunk out of his own Legends of The Summer suit! Contains the AIR JORDAN 2, AIR JORDAN 3 a pair of shoes, in addition to AIR JORDAN 1 series of 3 pairs of shoes, a total of 5 pairs of this complete package. As can be seen from the figure, AIR JORDAN 1 LOTS upper with a large 3M reflective material.

More and more celebrities and sneakers exposed AIR JORDAN "Legends of The Summer" in the package of shoes, which means that JORDAN BRAND will soon be on sale this package?

From the very beginning of Justin Timberlake to today's Marcus Jordan, this all-red-colored sneaker is not just eye-catching in color. It is also characterized by its material details. Snakeskin materials and the use of large 3M reflective materials are just as good.

Cheap Retro Jordans 1 OG "Bred" black and red color shoes, has a very heavy history and representation, whether for Nike for Michael Jordan, or for the shoe industry, it has cross-age significance, and this year's complex Engraved also try to restore the details of the first year.

Bulls iconic black and red color, forming the main colors of the entire pair of cheap Jordan shoes. 9 holes shoes, tongue Nike Air words embroidery, soles are Nike Air icon. There is no trailing heel logo, everything is as much as possible to restore its original appearance.

Cheap Jordans 2, the overall use of a common white vamp, black midsole, then dotted with red elements.

As the All-Star weekend draws near, Nike is launching several all-star All-Star new additions to the Air Foamposite Pro "All-Star". The new Nike Air Huarache "All-Star" is also extremely fun.

Cheap Jordan sale, the overall light gray, white and white as the main tune, adding black details of the details, in addition to zipper design and lace at the same time, the biggest bright spot in this pair of shoes is followed by the blank Velcro design, you can use the attached template above any Graffiti your favorite design, at the same time comes with a pin can also be decorated in the shoe body, playability is extremely high.


The beginning of the year the Air Jordan 3 can be described as limelight, not only the OG dress black cement original taste brought back, Jia boss Air Jordan 3 JTH is to grab the headlines, and upcoming debut this new pair of white cement Air Jordan 3 is implied With different special meaning and exquisite details.

Michael Jordan in the 1988 Slam Dunk deduction deduction dunk and won the championship, this buckle has also become a classic basketball history! To celebrate this unforgettable moment, Jordan Brand brought the pair of Air Jordan 3 NRG "Free Throw Line" to the occasion in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the third generation of boots.

The overall color scheme followed the first year of white cement dress, supplemented by "Nike Air" followed by demonstrating OG style, followed by shoes marked 3:51 tribute was free throw line off the accurate time.

Will be officially on sale February 14, the sale price of ¥ 1499 RMB, the current domestic volume of unknown size. Footwear chain store Footaction released the United States for sale map, only two I am afraid the outlook is not optimistic.


Cheap Jordans for sale is extremely fierce in the year will bring more than thirty new OG shoe color, although many people already have mental preparation, but the exposure of the pair of Air Jordan 1 "Homage To Home "is still beyond everyone's expectations.

Air Jordan 1 "Banned" and Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" two popular colors, with yin and yang design together, the outside is forbidden, the inside of Chicago, bringing a super visual impact, will definitely be at This year set off a reign of terror.

Cheap Air Jordans 1 this year can be described as menacing, not only the "Shadow" and other classic color engraved regression, but also a series of new color turns turns on the debut, dazzling.


Just recently, however, a mysterious countdown to the theme of cheap Jordans 1 suddenly appeared on a website called impressively labeled "THE LEGEND OF AJ1" and the trapeze artist Jumpman Logo.

This year, Air Max Day Nike will work together to create a new atmos x Nike Air Max "Animal Pack" 2.0 in Japan. This series first appeared in 2006. The combination of many animal patterns, visual performance is very shocking, the current OG version at Shoes repossession site Stock X asking price up to $ 2000 +, Absolutely Air Max loyal ecstasy.

As the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, the classic cheap Jordans 6 and the latest technology cheap Air Jordan 32 are selected for rendering. Inspired by the most representative Chinese New Year fireworks, they symbolize the new year!

Cheap Jordans for sale, the overall black to the background, the gorgeous colorful fireworks on the upper embellishment, and full of festive golden flowers and colorful embroidery flowers as a whole to add highlights to reproduce the New Year's Eve fireworks in full bloom.

With "Blooming Fireworks" as its theme, with the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, this pair of Air Jordan 6 CNY's fine patterns on black cheap Jordan shoes create a festive atmosphere with Chinese flavor.

The overall black gold as the keynote, fireworks embroidery is a decent embellishment effect. This will be for sale at the same time men and women models size, breathable holes on the side of the body with 3M reflective effect, eye-catching index in low light environment is not low!

Introversion and rather Chinese festive atmosphere, the richness of the level of detail, whether it is near reward or on the feet, are extremely good color!

Will be officially on sale on January 6, in the planning of the procurement of New Year, I am afraid to be added to the list of pending.

The physical out of the box and on the foot we will bring in the near future, in the end there is no stunning details of the physical performance, the effect of wearing the foot and how?

In rumors and spy photos of the turns bombing, the OFF-WHITE x cheap Air Jordans 1 can be described as speculation uproar, and today has this very high concern shoes finally ushered in the official picture of the debut!

The overall shape and the commercial version last year is no different, still use the interpretation of deconstruction, a white cover details with gray backing, the familiar midsole "AIR" and the text inside the body remains, blue car line and yellow trim It becomes the focus of visual performance, the overall style tends to be simple, and the previous version of the retro style presented quite different.