Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 1 Low has received unanimous praise from players for its thoughtful design and good texture. A pair of new color matching has been exposed, using blue and black as the main tone, supplemented by fluorescent green embellishments, making the visual atmosphere darker. The specifications are as high as ever, made of suede and mesh, with multiple stitches, giving it a visual effect that resembles a handmade voodoo doll. The toe cap does not have traditional ventilation holes, but is embellished with cross stitching to highlight the uniqueness of the shoe. In terms of details, including the tongue label and the flying wing logo on the heel, they are all presented in an inverted shape, showing personality everywhere. The small skull composed of fabric and buttons once again highlights the theme, and this time it is still an asymmetrical mandarin duck design, with the feet presented in different color splicing schemes.

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The Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 Pine Green shoe body is mainly off-white, with three colors of pine green and raw rubber. It is equipped with a raw rubber outsole as a functional skateboard co-branded shoe, and the shoe material is covered with leather. The shoe body is covered with white shoe material, mainly leather, supplemented by off-white suede shoe material. The heel is changed from the Jumpman Logo to the SB logo Nike Swoosh. The midsole lace buckle and heel are decorated with green, forming a white and green color scheme. There are co-branded details of Nike SB LOGO on the heel insole, and the upper is beige with green. The shoe box has been processed, which is different from ordinary shoe boxes. The upper has a fence and a window air cushion in the midsole.

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